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No_1 Nigeria Infotainment, Promotions, and Earning internet-based society of social media personalities.

iSocialites.Com.Ng is an online web-based society of social media personalities developed to enhance their economy by earning passive income from the total income it generates weekly from Advert/Promotions service. It can also be said to be a web-based platform targeting real impressions from the overwhelming all-time high social media audience for our clients (businesses) usage.

iSocialites.Com.Ng offers verified latest/trending news update from top reliable Nigeria online news sources like Nta.Ng, Naija.Ng, VanguardNgr.Com, DailyPost.Ng, ChannelsTv.Com, AllAfrcia.Com and others, making it the best infotainment hub. We give credit to the source!

The iSociety generates it revenue mainly by selling PRSpace to businesses which are used to promote/advertise their products/services by every iSocialite, therefore, making it work on the basis of task fulfilment and increase their earnings by participating in any other activity in the iSociety. It also has miscellaneous sources of revenue.

iSocialites.Com.Ng has improved on the orthodox way of digital promoting on the internet by targeting an overwhelming all-time high base (social media audience) for the purpose of providing best transparency, no intermediary in engagement, no fraud, no code, no hassle, and reduced cost of digital advertising/promotion.

iSocialites.Com.Ng is an idea developed by AlTeq Innovative Technologies Solutions (Reg No: KG_____)  and powered by VoguePay (Online Payment Services), MobZeta (Airtime/Data/Voting Services), and DomainKing (Domain/Hosting Services).

iSocialites.Com.Ng ability to pay iSocialites their earnings instantly/weekly makes it unique, and it high payout makes it highly preferable. It uses its own currency “iSocial Coin” to reward iSocialites which are converted into the “Nigeria Naira – NGN” at the end of every week.

iSocialites.Com.Ng also has a corporate social responsibility effort that aims at providing support to foundations carrying-out voluntary human/community development projects. If you have any human/community development project that we can partner on, email us alteqng@gmail.com or call us on +234(0)8144666568.



Vision: to be the most preferred web-based promotions platform that offers social media campaigns (promotions services), and passive income programs for iSocialites.

Mission: to contribute to the development/enhancement of the economy by providing services aimed at growing businesses and by also providing tasks aimed at helping everyone gain financial independence.

Promise: having come across/confirmed fraudulent websites (i.e Ponzi schemes, hyip, scam etc) and how people have fallen gullible to them, iSocialites.Com.Ng is developed to make a total difference by being genuine, transparent, and legitimate.

We promise to protect your privacy as positive SSL “HTTPS” is used for the platform. We will never give your information out except required by law.

We promise also to resolve all issues in time as we are always at your service with our 24/7 customer support agents ready to attend to you.

We do also promise not to charge except that which has been clearly stated. We have no hidden/extra charges.

iSocialites.Com.Ng promises it customers/iSocialites to have no fear or doubt because no one is losing money rather everyone is having a rapid economic enhancement.

No hype, no false promises and when we say what we do, we then do what we say! But we do promise you that we are real people with a real attitude to life.

We don’t feel the need to confuse you with statistics and media survey results, all we ask is for you to request and we’ll give you a simple but concise pitch by either email or in person.

Principles: Transparency, Honesty, Trust, Commitment, Genuine