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iSocialites.Com.Ng is a place to advertise/promote and reach social media users directly.

It offers you the chance to promote your products/services/brand/music on social media platforms by engaging at least (from 10, 000 to above 1, 000, 000) different sets of real active social media audience directly every day, thereby, helping to achieve your organizational objectives.

We have huge web traffic from search engine, social media platforms and consistent presence of our overwhelming active iSocialites that will definitely have interest in your advertisement.

You can create metrics to analyze the numbers of views we drive to your landing post on the platform and the result will encourage you to buy another AdSpace.

iSocialites.Com.Ng is a viral promotion site which delivers very high-quality Pro traffic from overwhelming all-time high social media users within the span of 7days your promotion is placed. Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products, services, websites, posts, music, events and other things you wish to advertise/promote? Look no further, for the solution is iSocialites.Com.Ng!

iSocialites.Com.Ng works on the basis of task fulfilment – iSocialites execute the tasks on the platform of your promotion on social media platforms and get paid. The currency of the service is “Nigeria Naira – NGN”. What you pay for our service is used to pay iSocialites when they submit expected result of the task assigned to them, thereby, giving them the opportunity to earn above N10, 000 weekly.

PRSpace can be used to spread a news, or detailed awareness about your business, product, music and any other thing you wish to promote. It is a post that will be sponsored on the platform forever, in a specified period of 7days be assigned as a task to our iSocialites, and at any time be used by iSocialites.Com.Ng as a challenge to iSocialites to compete with other similar products to better directly engage them.

You are required to provide image describing your product/service, embedded link to a video about what you are advertising uploaded to YouTube, text about the product or service, and a shortened link to your website (if any or others i.e FB page) where the product/service can be found on the internet. These are now then presented as a task.

iSocialites with their overwhelming active social media fame get to download your image, copy text/link, and use them to make a public post on their timeline tagging their friends after which they leave a comment to review your product/services.

iSocialites timelines are verified and a screenshot of the posts are then forwarded to you for proof/references purposes.

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Advert Services We Offer Are:

  • Banners Ad:

We make sure our banner adverts are well placed to encourage readers instead of annoying their interest. Our advertisement pricing varies; it depends on the banner or task type of advert.

  1. Wide Horizontal Banners (Leader boards, Bill boards, banners and Mobile Banners) Ads are large rectangular banner ads, covering a wide portion of the website and every visitor of this platform set eyes on it every time the web page loads.
  2. Long Vertical Banners are long Vertical banner ads, covering a wide portion of the website vertically, it is always best fitted at the sidebar and that every visitor of this website set eyes on it every time the web page loads.
  3. Small Rectangular ads are small rectangular image ads; they have varieties of positions where they can be placed on the website which makes it a popular demand for advertisers. They are capable of appearing in between post contents and this makes this type of advert to have high engagement rates.


Corner peel

Html / java script

Popup Ads

Video Ads

Sidebar Ads

Floating Ads

Layer Ads

Background Ads etc


Music & Video Pr

iSocialites.Com.Ng is new but yet leading amongst top rated websites that offer music/video promo. We are here to help artists grow beyond leaps and bounds.


You get your song uploaded on 4 International Platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Tidal.

You get industry tips and opportunities sent to you when they come to us.

Get high rated downloads from Billions of music lovers around the globe (Nigeria Specifically).

Search engine (Google/Yahoo/Bing etc) recognizes your name when searched for.

People can easily search for your song on the internet.

We Promote Zikr, Circular, Gospel & All Kinds Of Music.

Check Out Our Music Promo Packages Below:


Upload on our platform and our four partnered Platforms such as TooXclusive, NaijaLoaded, 360Nobs, LokcityMusic + with a free PRSpace.


Get Your Song Featured on the Sidebar linked to a sponsored post on the platform So That Every One Who Visits the platform Will See Your Song. This can only last for 30days.


In a bid to serving artists with quality online music promotions, we have designed what we call “MUSIC MEGA PROMO”. It is an exclusive promo package for music artists. These are what this promo package entails:

-> We upload your song on 4 International Platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Tidal

-> Your song is sponsored as a post to be presented as a task with an estimate of direct participation of our over 10, 000 iSocialites.

-> We will feature your song on the Sidebar Of The platform So That Every One Who Visits the platform Will See Your Song. This will last for 30days.